Another Review ;-)

Yay, I got published again.

Go to and put in "Tecopa, CA" under city, and there's the review.

It's funny, but there really are very few places that merit the time and effort it takes to write a review. I only regret not having written one for Lucille's in Boulder, CO. Don't think I can re-create it. We'll just have to go there again this summer as we pass through.

Planning 6-7 week soujourn starting in May, after we get back from OR with our solar, to National Skinnie-Winnie Rally in TX (and various old friends in Austin and San Antonio), to going to a VAN-in rally (!) with my big brother and sister-in-law outside of KC--can't wait. (He checked--we're allowed, since we have a Sprinter van front end!) To visiting my folks in St. Augustine, FL, to driving the Natchez Trace and visiting Crawley kin in Memphis (and maybe IN, but IN doesn't seem to have great camping spots), and hitting some National Parks (Hot Springs, AK; Great Smoky Mts NP, Mammoth Cave, NP) along the way. On the way home, gotta do the Colorado NPs that we missed last year when we didn't understand A/C in the rented Rialta ;-) plus see our good friends in Boulder.

Have rescheduled Big Bend/Carslbad/Guadalupe NPs to Oct/Nov--cooler, off-season travel--and decided to be home July-mid August to miss height of other people's travel season. We are loving off-season travel and are getting a bit territorial about our camping spots. Have to loosen up about that for June travel, don't we?

But now, we're getting ready for the minor trip (650 miles? Nothing!) up to Oregon. The spreadsheet for the rest of the year is underway and it's even starting to fill up for next year, which we THOUGHT would be Alaska, but might be New England and back across Canada.

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  1. Hey! Thanks for including my blog (Travels with Otto) on your blog. I really appreciate it. And I look forward to reading on your blog about the Natchez Trail. We're thinking about doing that ... but we're not sure. Don't you just LOVE traveling.
    Nancy, with Jake, Joshua and Allen (he's the husband)