Sedona Spa Trip

We drove from home to Phoenix in a day (11-12 hours) and then the next morning picked up Lisa's parents at Sky Harbor. We then whisked them off to another world--Sedona AND their first spa experience. We think they liked it ;-) For this trip--taken in the car so that we could transport the 4 of us--we will have a photo show, rather than a text reflection. I just can't seem to gin up writing AFTER the fact. When I'm in the RV, camped safely for the night, I feel the writing urge. But outside my comfy RV dinette writing spot? Not so much. Good thing we're going on a 2-3 month trek this spring/summer! Lots o' writing....

Without further ado....

Montezuma's Castle National Monument

Mii Amo Spa at Enchantment
Just lovely.

Enchantment Resort in Sedona

The Crawley Clan in a Sedona Vortex

Bluebird of Happiness at the Chapel of the Holy Cross? , courtesy of Dad Crawley

View from Chapel of the Holy Cross

Black Rock Canyon Cafe

A roadfood recommendation from a shopkeeper for its "famous pies"

The most popular pie: Jack Daniels Pecan Pie a la mode
(Good, but not worthy, I didn't think. Others were more favorably impressed with the rhubarb, cherry, and peach pies!)

The Viceroy in Palm Springs

Coolest fireplace--gas jets come out of broken glass pieces. Charming 1930s place. After the valet takes your car, you are greeted at reception with a glass of champagne. Now that's class. And our upgraded room cost but $79....

Joshua Tree National the Jag. Sigh. Just not quite right.

View from highest point in park (5000+ feet) to smog blowing into Coachella Valley from LA basin

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