Wind and Rain and Hail and . . .

We postponed our scheduled departure by a day to miss the "high wind warnings" (50 mpg gusts) of Sunday. Left this morning (Monday) during low winds (20 mpg!), but steady downpour. This rig handles like a trooper. We sit high enough that we're out of all the spray coming off the cars and we're heavy enough to not hydroplane. (We saw a bunch of solo spin-outs of cars and kept our speed slow but steady.)

Reached Sacramento by noon and attended the equality rally all afternoon. Saw famous and infamous alike--politicians ducked out of the all-weekend budget sessions to speak, entertainers (Margaret Cho and Wanda Sykes), Gloria Allred--one of the lawyers who won last year's Supreme Court case, etc., etc., etc. Cold and rainy, but we ended up getting a sun break towards the end. Brrr.

Here's my favorite sign: (to all you non-Californians, we passed one proposition imposing all kinds of humanitarian rules on chicken farmers and another proposition that wrote discrimination into our Constitution):

Spent the rest of the sort-of-sunny afternoon looking for an RV parking space for tomorrow, Tuesday (a work day), where we can leave Nick and go to do the actual lobbying work we need to do all day tomorrow. In our campground tonight, JUST got hooked up and Nick walked, then it began to HAIL like crazy. Glad we're safely inside and off the road. You can tell it was an Alaskan cold front....

Eager to do the lobbying and further the cause of restoring our Constitution to equal protection for all citizens, but also very excited to get out of the city and over to Napa, Sonoma, and the coast and some real camping this week. Weather forecast has been revised to bring sun on Wed-Sat!

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