Boondocking in Bodega Dunes

To conserve on power (we are boondocking--no electricity or water-- for next 3 days!), posts will be brief....

Today was deeeeelightful. Sunny 65-70 degrees. Traveled 2-lane, wildflower-lined roads back down through Napa Valley to Napa proper. Stopped at Oxbow Public Market (like the Ferry Building in S.F.)--all organic, artisanal farmers and producers of cheese, wine, chocolate, beef, seafood, etc., etc. Picked up provisions for next 3 days in state parks. Now, that's roughing it.

Then headed west and back up Sonoma Valley, with all the wild mustard blooming amid the still-dormant trees and vines, to Santa Rosa and the Charles M. Schulz Museum, completed in 2002, and a real joy to visit. A few photos of the enormous art (the black and white mosaic is made of 10 years worth of strips!):

Lunch was at another Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives recommended place: Willie Bird's. Famous for its turkey, and boy was it delicious. Turkey club had turkey ham, turkey bacon, and thick, sliced turkey on whole wheat. Mama Bird was turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce on whole wheat. Yum. Leftover club for breakfast tomorrow, we think...

Then we drove due west over winding roads to Bodega Beach and the Sonoma Coast State Park. Gorgeous, virtually empty. The sun is setting now, the charcoal is firing up, the wine is chilling, and it's just smells great here--green-green new grass from all that rain + fresh beach smell. Throw in the sound of the foghorn and you've got a nice spot.

We have been watching DVDs (and even a movie from Netflix over the Internet) this week. Love our big TV, but in order to conserve power, I think it's reading/card playing time!

Not sure what we'll do tomorrow, as we're here 2 nights, but we'll figure it out. A very long walk may be in order, although dogs aren't allowed on the dunes here ;-(

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