Guess what we did?

Well, it's semi-official. Today, I put a deposit on an RV. Haven't seen it in person, much less driven it, but it's the one we want. Fuel-efficient diesel. Leather interior (the better to keep up with dog hair). Lots of neat accessories. 2009. And a good deal. Here she is. We pick her up on, no less, my birthday at the end of the month. Yes, northern Iowa in January. I'm a classy gal. Lisa has spent her birthday in Paris, on a Caribbean cruise, at a 5-star hotel in Carmel Highlands, etc. But me? Gimme Iowa in the winter! But I digress. Here she is:

I'll skip the photos of the bathroom, but suffice to say that there's a toilet and shower behind the door you see in photo above. There's a nice vanity/sink OUTSIDE the bathroom, between that closed door and the fridge, which is nice. And above the cab, instead of a bed, there is storage and the TV, since we didn't need a bed up there. We were going to go with the non-cabover model (the Navion iQ), but learned that that extra storage and HEADROOM makes all the difference in the world.

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