Wed. 11/12: NM thru TX

Quickie post.

Arose to loudspeaker, "Shower 287 is ready" blaring from the Flying J where we dry docked last night. Very noisy, but actually OK. Easy in, easy out. Best part: We were buying water, breakfast, etc. at 6AM. Lady behind us said "Two coffees and a pack of gum." The checker said, "That'll be 42 cents." Turns out coffee is free at Flying J truck stops if you bring your own cup. When was the last time YOU heard a total price spoken back to you from a checker for 3 things that was "42 cents"? Cool.

Drove all day from gorgeous sunrise through lovely fall day in Texas (here Nick and Julie are at a picnic stop along 287)

till gorgeous sunset and full moon over Tyler, TX (east Texas). Crappy iPhone photo from cab of moving vehicle, but you get the gist of the pretty evening:

Cooked buffalo burgers, baked beans, and sweet potatoes tonight for dinner. Life is good.

We'll be in Louisiana early tomorrow and hope to make 5 states, settling in Pensacola campground tomorrow night and then the 5-6 hour cruise into St. Augustine on Friday.

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