Thurs., 11/27: Happy Thanksgiving from Needles (on Route 66)

What a great evening we've just had, after a rather tedious driving day through AZ and desert CA. Some storms (heavy lightning early this morning), some rain, some clouds, some rainbows, but arriving at our campground today was just too much fun. These people know how to throw a party. BYOB and BYOplate, but what an enormous Thanksgiving spread. Turkey, Yukon gold mashed potatoes made from Washington state potatoes hauled down by Washington state campers, homemade whole wheat yeast rolls made by a Canadian lady who hauled down her own wheat (!), and on and on. We had a blast. Everyone knows that we're the overnighters with the German shepherd ;-) AND that we're the gals who made their reservation "online". (Apparently that's rare here.)

We have decided to make the final push to home tomorrow. About 500 miles, 8.5 hours (probably more like 10 given our stops). We tried to find an oceanside campground on the way home, but all the state parks seemed to be booked for the holiday weekend. And, we're ready for a dog-hair free bed. (Note to self for next trip: bring a vacuum cleaner.)

Here's the sunset:

We need to own one of these places....

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