Thurs. 11/20: A Day in Destin

A lovely 68-degree, sunny day on the Emerald Coast of Florida with Lisa's parents, who drove all the way down from Indy to see us. We did a little shopping in the morning (it's a very good thing that we don't have such a nice Ralph Lauren Polo outlet shop near us--we'd go broke on all those preppy clothes that are near and dear to our heart). Then we had a yummy lunch of seafood outside in Sandestin at the Baytowne Wharf--a very pretty condo/shoppe area that was, on the day we were visiting, hosting a very large gathering of U.S. Army retention folks attending a seminar (and, apparently, having some bonding and fun in the process). So, we had a mix of loud music, testosterone (there were a few females in the group, but the overall vibe was Army guys), yummy lunch and pretty surroundings. Definitely an unusual mixture, especially since there was also a zip line facility spanning the whole shebang. And here is the Crawley clan at the village:

We did some touring in the afternoon and reconvened for a very delicious dinner (probably our finest this month of road tripping!) at the Cuvee Beach. Grouper Picatta, anyone?

So, it's off to bed on this gorgeous, star-lit night. We walked the dog around the park by starlight and are fixin' to (we're in the South) drive 6 hours tomorrow to Morgan City, LA to see Lisa's sister and her family and get us another taste of the bayou, cher.

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