Sunday, 11/23: A Buffet of Texas

Two comments right off the bat:

1. Nick wants us to move to Texas. He thinks Texas BBQ brisket is pretty darn good.

2. We can't move to Texas. Wore my "thin" jeans today as a reminder that we just spent 2 days in Louisiana eating very yummy but high calorie food. Didn't exactly work. Can't resist "the best BBQ in Brazos County" (C&J College Station. With 48 hours notice, you can pick up BBQ for 1000 people. With no notice, you can buy enough meat and sides to feed 50 people for only $347.00. Says so right on the menu.)

Start of the day:

These Westlake people really like their Texas-sized sign.

Took I-10 to Houston, which was a breeze given it was Sunday, and then we've wound our way north and west all day on state and U.S. routes (with a few county roads thrown in). Now, I've been to Texas many, many times on business and it only struck me today that you don't ever see a big U.S. flag flying. You pretty much only see a BIG Texas flag flying. Now, I know Texans love their state shape (it's on EVERYTHING), but they also love their red-white-and-blue flag with the lone star. Just struck me today that entire buildings are painted like that flag (we were on country and farm roads). The Republic of Texas still lives.

Lunch was said "best BBQ in Brazos County." And it was. We didn't get our Louisiana sausage--our boudin-- yesterday since the best place--Lejeune--was closed on weekends, so we had to get sausage and brisket today in TX. But it was awesome. I resisted the urge to buy smoked turkey for T-giving later in the week. Our fridge keeps running too cold and freezing everything, so I didn't want to ruin good meat.

This is pretty much more white bread than I've had all year....

Afternoon spent tooling through very scenic and historic towns like Hico and others I can't recall at the moments. (Shoulda stopped at one of them and purchased a big iron sculpture of a cactus for our back yard, where nothing will grow. Oh well. Next time. We missed all the roadside satsuma stands yesterday in LA, too. Darn. This vehicle doesn't exactly stop on a dime.)

Midafternoon had us find our way to West, Texas. Of course, the Village Bakery--the reason we went to West--was closed on Sunday, but we did try a kolache (a sort of Danish-yeast roll treat) at the Czech Inn (say it out loud). West is the Czech capital--very cute town.

We also picked up handmade tamales for the freezer and a loaf of freshmade beer bread. Glad I brought the larger-sized jeans, too. I hear the gym calling....

Got to a very weird (but perfectly great) campground. Read reviews of it from 2007--it was new then, bathhouse being built, plans for exotic animals to entertain kids, etc., etc. Well, I think someone's dream is a bit deferred. Bathhouse, a year later, is still in framing stage (two windows are in). There are only a handful of us here. We met the owner and paid him our $23 in cash (which seems like a lot when there's not a bathhouse, but we're in the middle of nowhere and are tired, so...). We wish Wild Country RV Park here in Cisco, TX well. It is serving us quite nicely--no neighbors, lots of room for Nick, and only .5 mi. off the highway. Easy to get an early start tomorrow and we know we can shower in here ;-)

Tomorrow--well, watch for wild hairs. We're thinking of resuming the adventure and NOT going the same way home. We avoided that today and were richly rewarded. Think we'll push our luck tomorrow.

Here's the TX sunset to send you to bed:

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