Sat. 11/22: Being in the Bayou

Today was a blessedly low-mileage day. The day dawned warmer than recent days, but we were presented with a challenge. Lisa, who is always the first showerer, returned from the facility and said, "If it's not an emergency, I wouldn't recommend the showers." So, I bravely tried the shower on board the RV. It worked great! Skylight above, plenty of hot water, and I generated lots of gray water with which to flush our hose later ;-) Really nice not having to wear shower shoes and do yoga poses to get barely dried off feet through legs of pants without rewetting foot or dragging pants leg on wet (and suspect) bathroom floors.

An aside: I have decided that when we get back we need to film a "Yoga for RVers" video clip to post on YouTube. I will write the script, direct, and film, and Miss Lisa (who is much more advanced in yoga than I) will star. Here is a preview of some of the poses, for those of you familiar with the ancient art:

Stretching Poses:

Cat and Sphinx poses for making the bed from on top of the covers and scootching out backwards. (You can't walk around the bed)

Standing toe balances to reach things in high shelves

Twists when getting underneath the vehicle to hook up sewer hose

Balance Poses:

Tree pose (at least balancing on one leg) for getting dressed in public shower areas

Warrior Three for reaching the odd item in hard-to-reach places

Strengthening Poses:

Half-Moon for turning off lights over the bed without getting into the bed

Downward dog for reaching items in cab of truck from higher-level RV platform

Lunges to try to reach things in cabover area

Warrior One for handing things back in the cab whilst avoiding stepping on dog

OK, you get the drift. We're trying to maintain our yoga practice on the road....

Back to our regularly scheduled day:

We met Lisa's sister and neice for breakfast before departing Morgan City. Witness genetics at work:

Then we traveled north, up the Acadian Trail through real Cajun country. I'm afraid the roads were so bumpy (mostly yesterday) that we had to call our rental company to ask how to repair the roof A/C unit, which was starting to dangle (and rattle) ominously overhead. Lisa affected the necessary repair, of course!

We were attempting to follow a 2004 article from Hemispheres magazine (Three Perfect Days in Acadiana), but found that alot can change in 4 years (and lots of places are closed on the weekend). So, we relied on our tried and true strategy. I went into the Cajun Hall of Fame (I had to buy a CD, of course) and asked the lovely "seasoned citizen" lady who worked there where we should eat.

We took her advice and ended up at the Krazy Cajun. (Our Roadfood gurus would have us believe that one should never eat at restaurants where the "C" has been changed to "K", but this is an exception.) What a hoot. Got there after 2PM (no more lunch plates), but the ladies just chatted our ears off and brought us the most delicious food. I had a Grilled Shrimp Po-Boy on THE best bakery roll ever. Lisa had a 1/2 and 1/2 (catfish and shrimp) and we had the freshest, least greasy, most crunchy onion rings ever. Followed by banana pudding--"it's included with your dinner!"

But you really couldn't beat the ambience of the place, which was created in large part by our hostesses (such Cajun accents!) AND the actual physical decor. What fun! Did Santa bring the present under the tree OR is this fella one of Santa's bayou helpers?

Tonight we're in Westlake (near Lake Charles), LA, preparing for our big drive home. Westlake is apparently a very proud town. Have never seen a sign so big.

Did some loads of laundry and soaked more local color from the camp host. As I was walking back from the laundry house in the dark, which happened to be across his back yard, he called out, "Don't fall in the poo-poo pit" (pronounced "pee-it" since we're close to TX border). I was walking on top of the septic tank.... Hah hah.

But I didn't fall in. Whew. Such adventures we have ;-) Off to a vegetarian, non-fried dinner. It is much needed after a few delicious days of Southern food!

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