On the Road Again...Just Can't Wait

OK, gang. This time, we're in a honkin' Class C with cabover. Not elegant, but larger than the pathetic 10-year-old Rialta (which we actually are quite fond of) we took through the Mountain West this past summer. This time we have an oven (!), a real bathroom, a real booth/dinette dealy bob, a queen size bed (actually 2), and lots of storage. The downside is that this bad boy is 11.5' tall and really wide, too. Our little Rialta was skinny and only 7.5' tall.

This time we're hotfooting it 2800 miles from CA to FL to help my parents settle into a new place. A completely different experience.

This time, NO MOTELS. None. Nada.

This time, NO HEAT PROBLEMS. (And no COLD PROBLEMS either)

This time, SAVVY about where to stay and which route to take. (Thanks, View-Navion Yahoo Group.) We're going CA - Kingman, AZ- Tucumcari, NM - Dallas area - NOLA/Mobile area - St. Augustine. We'll go home I-10 through the desert so we can see Big Bend National Park and a few other NPs we have yet to "bag." Hope to spend Thanksgiving in a National Park, as a matter of fact. We'll see.

This trip ought to answer the question: is we is or is we ain't gonna buy one of these things?

Stay tuned.


  1. bon voyage,Mireille

  2. Yeah, I am glad you are on the road again! Safe travels and a safe return home.

    Love ya, Stro