Monday, 11/24/08: On and On, Through Texas to NM

[Posted 24 hours late as we couldn’t get an Internet connection in the remote—but beautiful—parts of NM we’ve been in]

We’ve landed in strange territory. Drove through eerily beautiful wind farm/cotton fields today. Struck me that our politicians are always talking about energy—wind, solar, etc.—but actual people are out DOING it. West Texas, as I’ve read and now seen, is just alive with the beautiful windmills. Huge, gleaming, white, and slowly turning. Gorgeous. This past summer and again on this trip we’ve seen the huge semi-trailers hauling one windmill blade each. They’re so big up close you can’t imagine that the wind can turn it. Now we’ve seen them turning from right next to the highway. Poetic, really.

Today was all about country road driving until we reached our destination. This is a photo from downtown. Guess where we were?!

We’re staying in a beautiful state park tonight: Bottomless Lakes State Park, the first state park in New Mexico. They’re not really lakes—they’re up to 90-foot deep, crystal clear sinkholes. Popular in the warmer months for scuba diving. Pretty in the winter months for gazing upon.

Had a nice dinner of the handmade tamales we bought at the Czech bakery yesterday (along with green chile sauce, some vegetables, and in honor of the Crawley clan, some Rotel cheese dip. Can’t wait to make scrambled eggs with that in the morning.)

Our latest daily plan has us avoiding (sob) US Route 60 and Pie Town, NM. Mountains, this time of year, rented vehicle. Too many strikes. Instead, we’re going to head south to I-10 and head west. Hope to see Saguaro National Park in Tucson on Wed. but that’s as far as we’ve planned. Can’t check the Internet tonight to see if we can beach camp in CA on the way home, but that’s the goal. That and figuring out how to avoid LA traffic….

And a note to my family—we were sorely tempted to swing through Yuma, AZ and drop in unexpectedly on Uncle Joe (turnabout is fair play, isn’t it?) but it’s just too far out of our way, given our time frame. But it was fun to think about.

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