Monday, 11/10: And...We're Off!

Day is done. 550+ miles. All is good. Honkin' big RV drives well. Nice cruise control. Had to break out the bungies to keep the cabinet doors closed, though. Poor dog almost got beaned by a can beans on the rough roads in CA, which is, after all, going broke right now. After trying 6 different sleeping spots, our boy has found his favorite--on the upholstered dinette bench seat, with head propped above the driver.

Staying tonight in a campground, so that we have hookups and can figure out how our coach works. Tomorrow night we will do what we have so far never done--Wallydocking. That's staying in a Wal-Mart parking lot (no hookups, no amenities whatsoever). Big day--almost 700 miles tomorrow--so after cooking our lovely pasta dinner, replete with veggies and everything and after playing ball with Nick in this great campground's dog run, it's early to bed.

Having a bigger coach is great when one is making dinner inside (it's too cold to be outside tonight). But it's hell when one is at the gas pump--yikes! Our little V-6 VW-powered Rialta in July got almost 20 mpg. This Ford F450 gets less than 10. So, blame us for the increase in global temperatures. We are having a guilty pleasure kind of a time. But just wait till we figure out a way to get our solar-powered bio-diesel RV. Soon....

In the meantime, we ARE using biodegradable (corn-based) poop bags for the dog. This assuages the guilt a little bit.

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