Friday, 11/28: Home!

Needles to Carmel Valley: 500 miles, 8.5 hours per my iPhone Maps and also in fact. We powered through today, with 2 quick gas/potty stops, and lunch served in the cab (a first). Reached home at 3:45 PM and unloaded everything except the clothes. Boy, howdy, do we have some dog hair to clean out. Next time...we take (and use) a vacuum. (We had tried to manage on this trip with a broom and shaking out rugs. Not enough horsepower in that for a shedding German shepherd.)

Home a day earlier than planned, but since all the CA state parks were full, we decided it was better to be in our own beds than in some generic, highway RV park tonight.

Can't wait till we can leave our traveling and camping tools IN the RV that we own. Planning to do some shopping on Monday when we return this rig.

Good night! I'll do one more summary blog....

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