Days 28-30 in Bullet Points

Now, I am no Joyce McGreevy, but...

We must be terse
As the day's drive is long
Let's use some verse
Even though it will be sing-song

(oh heck, who am I kidding? I'll just use captions....)

A trek through our 10th national park, Rocky Mountain

A visit to a potential 49th wedding anniversary gathering place for the Crawley clan (sorry--we don't think it's the right vibe for the whole family, but a neat place!)

Then off to doggie spa for Nick. What a great place. If you're a dog head,
check this out.

Lunch in Boulder, the Napa of Beer. Got new hairdos at a cool salon and walked around groovy Boulder.

Leisurely breakfast and laundry at the home of our most hospitable hosts, then off to Denver (in a real car!) for a grown-up, dog-free afternoon

Denver Art Museum

Denver Library

Then dinner with our friends at a most amazing only-in-Boulder place--an authentic Tajikistan teahouse (i.e., shipped in pieces and reassembled in Boulder). Fabulous food and atmosphere, sitting alongside the Boulder River....

Amazing brunch at Lucile's. I will be writing a review for Roadfood on THIS one. Utterly delicious.

This is a biscuit. They had homemade strawberry-rhubarb jam for it....

Then off to Nederland and Lyons, up in the mountains.

The requisite afternoon thunderstorm clouds, which makes the air cool

A scenic home

My new favorite sign of the trip. Would that all of the scolding signs we've seen had a bit of this humor. Goes a long way!

Our wondrous hosts and best dog ever (well, after our dear departed Sara), Kini, in a Colorado creek

Then back to Boulder and its scrumptious farmer's market to pick up fixins for dinner.

I stand in awe of Jim's sauteed mushrooms.

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