Day 34: The End Is Nigh

Let's just say that finding somewhere to go with (a) a dog and (b) a 22' rig on a summer Sunday at Lake Tahoe isn't easy. Actually, it isn't even possible. Lovely weather (if a bit smoky from the fires) and the entire northern half of California is in the Tahoe region. No photos today, but we do have a revised plan:

Monday: Donner Memorial State Park (to complete our tour of the western pioneers) and our last night of camping

Tuesday: Depart early, clean and return rig, be home before sunset.

Our Nicky boy hasn't had his appetite or regular energy level for a few days now, so he's telling us he's had it, too.

So, we'll finish up at an even 5 weeks. Pretty good for our first adventure. We've even got ideas for future adventures....

1 comment:

  1. to bad itis over.
    but it will be nice to have you back in our neighborhood.