Day 33: Thank Goodness! We're on Home Turf in California

A quick post. Glad to have traversed 550+ miles across Utah and Nevada deserts to be back in soft, cool, California air again in Truckee, CA tonight. Ah. Afternoon temp = 80s. Evening temps = 40s. We plan to stay here through Monday and then head down the hill toward the rental return place....

The day began sleepily, as Nick was on guard at every noise last night (at the murderous Motel 6). No one got more than a nap all night long. We had to trade drivers rather frequently today! Here's the photo opp at the Bonneville Salt Flats, where all the land speed records were made:

Once we got to Elko, NV, though, we had a great road trip moment. Found a shady park (a doggie plus), adjacent to a historical visitor center (the largest log cabin in Nevada--really, a mansion. These people had 10 children. And each of the children had a ton of kids--the most was 13--and now there are 800 descendants from the mid 1800s!). As we went in search of a recommended restaurant, we saw a site that had us both gasp. A place that said "Cornish Pasties--the Original Miners Food." We turned around and had the surprise of the trip--a most wondrous lunch. 5 kinds of pasties (huge ones!). We each had one, and then bought 2 breakfast pasties for our camping weekend, along with a strawberry rhubarb pie, because this fellow knew his crusts. Wow. Plus the sauce--so tangy and peppery. We'll find more uses for this than just pasties. But boy howdy, will it be time for the gym when we get home!

That was the highlight of today. The rest was just ugly--hot Utah salt flats and Nevada desert. Although, we learned of a beautiful canyon we must come back to visit (no time today): Lamoille Canyon, 20 minutes south of Elko. And given how much we like Elko (the last time we drove through it a few years ago, we loved its old timey charm, too), we may just be back. We have to manage to go on the Extraterrestrial Highway in Nevada, as well.

Signing off now, in the lovely cool of Truckee....

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