Day 31: A High Altitude Day

After our wonderfully rejuvenating 3 days off the road and with hosts who made us feel so pampered (and with the dog off having his own break), we all reassembled Thursday morning and headed out onto the open road again, taking US 40 through the mountains (11,000+ feet passes). Gorgeous day.

This was also our first attempt at having Lady Luck ride along with us. We had no reservation anywhere as we headed into major camping/tourist land in Steamboat Springs. Well, we got to the state park early enough to find just a few spots that were not reserved for Thursday PM (but all were reserved for Friday through the weekend). Lucked out. Found a spot right on the lake, at the end (no neighbors nearby), with lots of hiking trails that are hospitable to dogs. (State parks tend to be, while national parks are most definitely not). Slept soundly at our 8200+ elevation. Lovely cool breeze and so, so quiet.

Figured out our plan for our remaining days. Looks as if we will make the full 37 days ;-) Stay tuned. We hope to have wifi for the rest of the trip and not let the unblogged days pile up!

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