Day 13: A Sunday Drive Through Wyoming

Lisa here - I was behind the wheel this morning as we left Jackson and headed toward Casper. We crossed the Continental Divide yet again. As we descended the 9000+ summit we watched the the Tetons disappear from the rear view mirror. I admit that I was sad to say goodbye to the mountains and reluctant to embrace the high plains. After switching drivers and a nap in the passengers seat, I awoke to the beautiful high plains landscape complete with sightings of prong horn antelope.

I must say that whatever the reason - missing the familiar mountains? being on the road for almost two weeks now? apprenhension about being somewhere I've never been? I had a bad case of the crabbies and took it out on Julie and Nick. It didn't take me too long to get over myself and apologize. Now I'm ready and excited to explore this area that I have never seen before. I'm also looking forward to seeing more old friends and reporting on the sites to see. As the storm blows around us right now, I'm hoping that the rains stop for the camping for the next four days, but on second thought, I've never camped in the rain...We'll let you know.

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  1. Lisa--WARNING: Nebraska is the most flat, boring state you will ever drive through. Trust me, I have lots of experience with Eastern NE. You can make. Get a really good book on CD to make it go faster. :)