Blog Instructions

Just a few quick notes to those of you new to blogs:

1. Blog entries are posted (by default) latest at the top, older going down the page. That's the nature of the beast. Our goal is to post once per day, and we're numbering them by day (not by date because date sometimes is not the day since we can't always get on the Internet each day). Day 1 = 6/24, FYI.

2. You can leave comments about a particular post OR send an email in response. At the bottom of each post, you can click on "0 Comments" (or 1 Comment or however many comments there are) and a new window will appear and you can leave a comment. There's also an email icon you can click on too.

Hope that helps!

1 comment:

  1. Enjoyed your "brain droppings" today... the "swinging steak" story reminded me of my first experience with "rocky mountain osyters" when I visited Denver during my corporate life. It's surprisng what you will do after a couple of "clears on the rocks":)

    Thanks, for the call Sunday...keep rolling along. Love from Indy